The Nikiski Pool

The Nikiski Pool is a recreational pool heated to approximately 84 degrees. It features a 136' water slide, spa, rain umbrella, and depths ranging from 1' to 11'-10". Surrounded by glass the pool offers excellent views of the surrounding terrain and wildlife.

Pool Fees

Swimming Pool and waterslide rentals are available before and after closing hours. Minimum rate is $125/hr for the pool, and $75/hr for the waterslide.

Summer Pool Hours

(June 1st through September 1st)

Monday--Pool Closed

Tuesday thru Friday

Saturday & Sunday

Lap Swim
Winter Pool Hours

(September 1st through June 1st)

Monday--Pool CLOSED

Tuesday thru Thursday


Saturday & Sunday

PO Box 7116
Nikiski, Alaska 99635
(907) 776-8800
(907) 776-6410

Kiddie Pool